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Heaven Sent

As we walk down life's lonely highway,
We gaze back at the years gone by,
Remembering dreams we had as children,
And as we do, a tear we cry.

For what is life so plain and simple,
But a dream that is sure to fade.
And all the love we shared as people,
Is all the mark in life we've made.

We work each day of our lives for nothing,
And we rarely ever get anything done,
We close our eyes for what seems like seconds,
Then the seconds are gone, and our moment has come.

We struggle and try to discover our purpose,
The meaning of life and the reason we live,
And God only knows why love often hurts us,
And why it's the hardest emotion to give.

For all of my life I have pondered these questions,
Then I suddenly realized what all this has meant.
For all that is life...and for all of life's beauty,
People like you, must be...Heaven Sent.


What Will Become Of Me

As I Become . . .
Like the tiny seed buried
beneath a blanket of winter
When at last the long winter is done
A flower I Become

As I Become . . .
like the egg that is nestled
beneath the crest of its mother
When from the nest the baby is thrown
A sparrow I Become

As I Become . . .
like the little man working
his way up life's ladder
What at last on the highest rung
A man of stature I Become

As I Become . . .
like the wave that rushes in
to lovingly embrace the shore
A brief moment beneath the sun
A Memory I Become

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