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Exploration of the Economic/Profitable Dimensions of Illegal Mexican Immigration for U.S. Economy

Rough draft of paper on short paper on this topic; however, could be useful for brain fodder.

Communist Manifesto as an Examination of Economic and Political Sociology

Dualism and the Double in Dostoevskys Crime and Punishment

I have completely forgotten what class I wrote this for, and what it says but hey, if you steal it I would suggest you read it as I often take a slightly off the wall approach.

Compare/Contrast Greek and Hebrew Culture Heroes in Literature

Essay based on Literature and Cultural Diversity Class II at Brooklyn College. 

Comparison of Blood and Oath Ties between Orestia and Medea

Essay based on question posed in Literature and Cultural Diversity I class of Brooklyn College.

Anne Frank, Alicia Appleman and Frederick Douglass as Role Models for Today

Three authors who, through the quality of their lives and the legacy of their words, are ideal role models for lives lived not only in their times but today.

Approaches of Frederick Douglass and Mark Twain in Presenting the Black Experience

An exploration on the methodology of Frederick Douglass and the controversial Mark Twain in presenting the experience of African Americans in the early days of America.

Assimilation versus Acculturation

Comparison/Contrast of gods in Gilgamesh and Genesis

An essay comparing and contrasting the Sumarian gods of Gilgamesh (one of the oldest stories ever found) and the God of the Hebrews (King James Version of the Bible). 

The Last Time I Saw . . .

An essay written as part of an exercise which asks you to recall the last time you saw someone and what you feel about that meeting now.

Brief Examination of John Keats

Keats, in his brief time on this Earth, has become one of our most beloved poets.  This essay examins the reasons why he has so endured.

Growth Resulting from Imprisonment - The Story of Malcolm X

How crossing the border has become a cultural pattern to Mexican and Central American Immigrants

Disruption of the Puerto Rican Culture due to Americanization

America's involvment in the Puerto Rican way of life should have brought about the same prosperity that America enjoyed - but did it? 

The Necessity of Forging a Hispanic Nation

 A sociological view of stratification and its relation to social classes.


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