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This site was created to give a venue for authors who wish to share their craft with others.  Not all writers can get published; however, every writer who is serious about their craft deserves the right to have their work viewed and judged by a jury of their peers.  Ultimately we would like to have writing from a variety of authors, as well as a way for peer criticism.  It is only through an honest assessment of our writing that we grow as writers.  For the moment, as this site is just being launched, the variety of authors is very slim.  Please feel free to send any criticisms to the contact information on our contact page.  All non-malicious criticism will be published.  Thank you.

We plan to add to this site regularly so check back often.

Please feel free to e-mail us with any writings or criticisms here:

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Each time we add a new item it will be listed here.  For the moment, every item is a new item. 

A Very Catty Tale

The Last Time I Saw . . .

Poetry - Raymond Janow

Poetry - Marjorie Montenegro

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